Country waiting for news – will the Conservative Party go for new elections? – FinnishNews



The True Finns are out of the government and that means a new coalition or a new election in Finland.

A new election is perhaps what the Conservatives want because they have the pole position in the gallups.

But you never know what will happen if you trust the gallups these days… Ms. May, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Cameron, and a few others know only too well about trusting the polls.

Source: Country waiting for news – will the Conservative Party go for new elections? – FinnishNews


Main actors:

Jussi Halla-aho was elected as Finn Party leader on Saturday. ¨He was convicted for on ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion 2012. He wants an exit from the euro zone as well as the European Union = FIXIT.

The Finns Party, formerly known as True Finns, is a populist and nationalist-oriented Finnish political party. person convicted for a racist crime (ethnic agitation) as its new leader.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä The Centre Party of Finland

Liberalism is found in most major parties including the Centre Party, which supports decentralisation, free will, free and fair trade, and small enterprise. The Centre Party characteristically supports decentralisation, particularly decreasing the central power, increasing the power of municipalities and populating the country evenly.

Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance the National Coalition Party,
which is a liberal and conservative political party in Finland. Its voters are predominantly urban.


Author: marja konttila

Solna, Sweden Dream of equality in living conditions, justice and rights for all people, even in my home municipality Solna. -Born and raised in Finland -Been mental health worker, SLL -now working at Spånga Blå Vägen Alternative economy and alternative media are important things for sustainable development and even for our survival. Mentalskötare, hobbyodlare, deltidare En del av mina intressen framgår här:

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