Einstein was a very wise man


Einstein is famous for his exceptional skills in theoretical physics and mathematics . Recently i have seen so many memes of his views on politics and society, that I wanted to check up, if they are real.
They are. I could learn that Einstein was so engaged with politics, that the FBI had him under surveillance and compiled a 2000-page secret file on his political activities. There were many people in 1949 who already understood that capitalism is incompatible with democracy : Wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of a few and the elites form an oligarchy who can infuence politicians to work in their favor.
But most people didn’t realize, and there are still people, who don’t realize the importance of media. We have no chance to keep our individual human rights, if all information we get is biased and censored by people who have the political and economic power.

Here are some excerpts from his essay “Why Socialism?” published in the May 1949 issue of the magazine “Monthly Review”:

Man can find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only through devoting himself to society.
The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of the evil.


The essential point about this process is the relation between what the worker produces and what he is paid, both measured in terms of real value. Insofar as the labor contract is “free,” what the worker receives is determined not by the real value of the goods he produces, but by his minimum needs and by the capitalists’ requirements for labor power in relation to the number of workers competing for jobs. It is important to understand that even in theory the payment of the worker is not determined by the value of his product.


Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society.
This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature. The consequence is that the representatives of the people do not in fact sufficiently protect the interests of the underprivileged sections of the population.
Moreover, under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights.


Albert Einstein Has a Social Media Team How the famed physicist tweets from beyond the grave

Why Einstein Was a Genius

Why the FBI Kept a 1,400-Page File on Einstein























































































































































































































The Rape statistics in Sweden

Headlines like “Sweden is the rape capital of the world” are fake news. For several reasons:



The sexual act can be intercourse, but also other sexual acts because of coercion or other circumstances are serious offensive can lead to a person convicted of  rape. Anyone who exploits someone who is asleep, unconscious, drunk or under the influence of another drug, mentally disturbed, sick or otherwise is in a particularly vulnerable situation, can also be convicted of rape.

The rape and sexual assault laws of Sweden are very broad. But the case with several years of preliminary investigation (never even charges)  because of a condom failure is unique.

But  the case Julian Assange is not about the crime investigation. It is Swedish foreign policy to get him to Sweden in chains and be handed over to the United States. The rape law was  even modified to fit  Assange case. Anyway, it gives a hint, what can be recorded as a rape in Sweden.
Prosecutor Marianne Ny is just embarrassing the Swedish legal system
by Lynn Prentice:

“They (the women) are not jurists”. You need a law degree to know whether you have been raped or not in Sweden. In the context of such double think, the question of how the Swedish authorities propose to deal with victims who neither saw themselves as such nor acted as such is easily answered: You’re not a Swedish lawyer so you wouldn’t understand anyway. The consent of both women to sex with Assange has been confirmed by prosecutors.

Counting rules

Unlike the majority of countries in Europe, crime data in Sweden are collected when the offence in question is first reported, at which point the classification may be unclear.
Each case of sexual violence is recorded as a separate incident in Sweden. If a woman says she has been raped by her husband every day during a month, the Swedish police may record more than 30 cases of rape. In many other countries only a single offence would be counted in such a situation

Reporting rates by victims

Willingness to report crime also affects the statistics. In countries where rape remains associated with a strong taboo and a high level of shame, women have to be brave to report such offences. In a country with higher level of  gender equality women  have increasingly been encouraged to report sexual assaults or rapes.

In a country, in which a police force and justice system enjoy a high level of confidence and a good reputation with the public, the crime reporting rate is higher compared with a justice system which is distrusted as ineffective or unfair.

The summary of all written above: I bet Sweden is number one in statistics to report rape and other sexual crimes.

Wikipedia: Rape in Sweden

The Indicter Magazine

A monthly magazine on human rights & geopolitical issues published by Libertarian Books – Sweden/Italy. Editor-in-chief Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli.

Gender Equality Awareness Raising against Intimate Partner Violence 





That September 11, when U.S. decided yet another regime-change. A personal testimony – THE INDICTER


by Marcello Ferrada de Noli.

“Today, 11 of September, we sadly commemorate a new anniversary of the U.S. backed military coup that deposed and killed the democratic elected Chilean President Salvador Allende, with the purpose of changing a democratic regime and install the fascist rule of General Augusto Pinochet. We also pay homage in this day to the heroic resistance commenced that day by the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria, MIR. While hundreds of MIR combatants were killed, others were captured in the aftermath of our military defeat in confronting the U.S. backed powerful armed forces of Pinochet. The bloody coup left thousands of deaths, perished in combat or killed by execution squads or assassinated during torture.”

“…I was taken first to the Stadium in Concepción. The morning after I was lined with two other prisoners waiting execution – right under the goal frame – by firing squad….”


Source: That September 11, when U.S. decided yet another regime-change. A personal testimony – THE INDICTER


Who is  Marcello Ferrada de Noli?




Main current research fields

-Transcultural Psychiatry  and Psychiatric Epidemiology
-Posttraumatic stress etiology
-Psychosocial determinants in Injury Epidemiology
-Psychiatric Epidemiology in natural catastrophes
-Suicidal behaviour and self-inflicted injury
-Cross-cultural Epidemiology / International Public Health




The criminal investigation of the Awan brothers – MSM silent

FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home”

“Imran Awan arrested”

“External server to which House data was being funneled”

“Arrested Awan Brother Tries to Influence DHS Answers to Trey Gowdy’s Questions”

“DC Detective of Seth Rich Murder: Follow the Awan Arrest Closely”

Nothing to see here ? The main stream media is silent, or only mention the arrest of Imran Awan’s arrest in parentes.

“The brothers, Imran Awan in particular, had access to a variety of files and classified data that no citizen let alone a foreign agent provocateur should ever have had access too.”

MSM Completely Ignoring Imran Awan Arrest Distracting with Transgender Narrative


Imran Awan was arrested  last Monday when he tried to leave the country. Main stream media has been silent about the investigation of  of Awan brothers but Luke Rosiak have of list of articles including some court documents.Wasserman Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia. He is involved in this investigation according some sources

“Chiefs of staff for dozens of Democratic lawmakers who employed the four were informed last week that a criminal probe was underway into their use of congressional information technology systems, including the existence of an external server to which House data was being funneled, and into the theft of and overbilling for computer equipment.”



This is a pure conspiracy theory. I don’t know  how  the Awan brothers look like, because  there are a cricket player and professor and others with the same name, except those  Awan on House payrolls. There seems to be a confusion in media. In spite of that, this guy’s behavior is odd. He is not one of the Trey Gowdy’s official staff, anyway.


Trey Gowdy grills Ex DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson – Russian Interference in 2016 Election 


Here I found the same pattern with another nervous witness!   


Trey Gowdy scares the hell out of Brennan by insinuating he unmasked name(s) on his last working day.


DC Detective of Seth Rich Murder: Follow the Awan Arrest Closely – Connect the Dots to “Other” Cases!


Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz Obstructing Justice In Awan Brothers Investigation?



SOHR – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

“Syrian Observatory for Human rights is a UK-based organization providing data to the Western press about troop movements, government policy and public sentiment in Syria.”

It is important for any organisation that claims to observe human rights in any country to be independent and unbiased.

But you could not imagine a more unreliable, compromised and biased source of information than SOHR. It is essentially one man – Abdul Rahman, aka Rami Abdulrahman, aka Osama Suleiman – a three-term convicted criminal from Syria. He is a member of the Syrian opposition, who want to overthrow Bashar Al Assad. and is only  reporting  the ‘civil war’ from the perspective of the so-called rebels. He had not been to Syria since 2000, and is living in a small house in Coventry, England.  He must have pretty good observation skills, considering Syria is 3000 miles away.  Mostly he is busy at his clothing shop that he runs with his wife.

SOHR is often the only source of information used by Western politicians and media to justify a foreign backed insurgency in Syria. The UN has also used this propaganda  in several of its reports.

The New York Times also revealed 2013 for the first time that Abdul Rahman’s operation is indeed funded by the European Union and a “European country” he refuses to identify.

“Western intelligence agencies set up the armed opposition/terrorist proxy forces in Syria, so they would obviously want to control the media narrative about what happens there. Rahman does his part by vacuuming up information reported by those same proxy forces. This information is then given out to the Western media with SOHR as source.   http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=140054

In August 2011, Electronic Intifada editor Ali Abunimah investigated claims circulating on the Internet that newborn babies in a Hama hospital had been deliberately killed after their incubators were switched off by regime forces during a military crackdown on the city. Electronic Intifada concluded that the claims were a “hoax” circulated by CNN. A photo accompanying the claim on Twitter turned out to be of Egyptian babies, and was taken from an April story about overcrowding in an Egyptian hospital.

While CNN cited the Observatory as their source for the report, on their website the Observatory in turn cited CNN as its source.
“To me the story was immediately suspicious. First of all it sounded too much like the false reports of invading Iraqi troops throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait in August 1990 — reports that were used to build public support and urgency for the 1991 Gulf War. These claims were part of an elaborate propaganda effort by the Washington PR consultancy Hill & Knowlton hired by the Kuwaiti government.”

“The picture circulating with many of the alarmist report of dozens of dead babies in Syria, you will be glad to know, shows a bunch of babies who are alive, hopefully well, and living in Egypt.But those who originate such claims — and embellish them with false details and pictures — know, as the fraudsters who fabricated similar stories from Kuwait, that atrocities committed against children are guaranteed to inflame people’s emotions. Perhaps that is the goal, and to what purpose only the perpetrators know.”

How CNN helped spread a hoax about Syrian babies dying in incubators


Let our leaders talk with each other

BeFunky Collage
Pictures: Finlands President Sauli Niinistö and President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Trump did it again! He talked with Putin TWO TIMES!!!

My dear friends, American Democrats, other anti-Trump people! It’s perfectly normal to be anti-Trump. But it is also perfectly normal that presidents and other leaders talk with each other. We are blessed as long as they do it, with or without delegations, instead of other measures. Shadow governments and their puppets do it even if they are not/ before they are leaders.

We take an example, from Finland’s point of view: They didn’t talk enough after the western coup d’état 2014 in Ukraine. Finlands president Sauli Niinistö and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel really tried but they could not get them talk enough.

Sanctions against Russia and Russian counters sanctions:

Baltic countries and Finland are affected more than the EU average of 0.3% of GDP in the short term and 0.8% in the long run. Germany is bearing 27% of the global lost trade, France 5.6%, Finland almost 3% and the US just 0.4%.

U.S.Air Force asked Finland to invite them to train in Finland 2016. Flying near Russian border in Finland. I was scared to death that F-15 team can not their Coordinate Technology better than in Kunduz. They bombed Doctors without borders hospital instead of talibans .

As a consequence of all new western military projects in our countries, We have China and Russia training together here just now. Chinese submarines big as ocean cruisers, capacity for nukes and missiles. Swedes don’t like submarines of any kind..

People in Donetsk and Luhansk and Crimea have it worse, much worse. They dies in thousands. Children sleep in cellars, if they can.

So let our leaders talk as much as they want. And ponder one second why MSM make it look like a problem.



“Victoria Nuland, Asst. Sec. of State for Europe, phone call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, in a phone call leaked to the news media on 4 February 2014. F**k the EU

What’s really important here is the level of planning for the coup that overthrew the elected President Viktor Yanukovych, which brought to power (as heard on the recording) a group of select individuals described as “moderate democrats.” In fact, most of them, including Oleh Tyahnybok (whom Nuland insists the new head of state consult four times weekly), are a far-right nationalist faction with overt and long-standing ties to the neo-Nazi movement. Meet the characters in the story that led to what’s called “the worst crisis since the old cold war” and which Russia experts at American universities describe as a new cold war more dangerous than the first.”
UKRAINE/US – Ukrainian minister, US officials to discuss development of cooperation (Poroshenko)
His title since 2006: Our Ukraine (OU) insider Petro Poroshenko
(recomended search wikileaks; Our Ukraine (OU) insider 🙂 )

On June 5 of that year, Barack and Hillary mysteriously “disappeared” for some hours “somewhere in the DC area.” Their agendas blocked out, they clearly sneaked off to “Meet the Bilderbergers.”

Here’s a rundown of in-person chats between Obama and Putin over the years.

Putin: Meets Obama Privately, Discusses Syria


Urho Kekkonen was elected president in 1956. I’m sure he would be called our evil dictator today, because he managed to keep Finland neutral and sovereign between the East and West for almost 30 years during the Cold War.

Kekkonen is said to have been a gregarious leader. Seppo Salonen, an editor of one of Finland’s leading newspapers told The New Republic in 1983 that Kekkonen could “get anybody to do anything. When he wanted to score a point with [Soviet leaders Nikita] Khrushchev or [Leonid] Brezhnev, he’d get them into a sauna with vodka and tell them funny stories.”

While in office, Kekkonen developed a reputation for following through on every deal he struck. He made good on five-year trade agreements with the Soviets throughout the 1960s. He also brought Finland to the attention of the Common Market. As a result, Finland became one of the world’s leading producers of oil rigs.


“Who is responsible for preventing for fake news from spreading?”

36629384World Economic Forum:

Fighting the rise of fake news means taking another look at your phone. This is why


“Who is responsible for preventing for fake news from spreading?”

Who/ which countries/organisations should have the right to determine what is fake news?

What is behind this question?

Is it to prepare folks to accept The Ministry of Truth and give up the freedom of speech?

Why there is not media owners (MSM newspapers, TV Channels) as an alternative for responsibility?

Is the goal to limit ordinary people to spread their truth and leave it to those in power?

Should we ask instead: How can we minimize the damage of disinformation by sharing true dokumentation and real facts?




























Country waiting for news – will the Conservative Party go for new elections? – FinnishNews



The True Finns are out of the government and that means a new coalition or a new election in Finland.

A new election is perhaps what the Conservatives want because they have the pole position in the gallups.

But you never know what will happen if you trust the gallups these days… Ms. May, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Cameron, and a few others know only too well about trusting the polls.

Source: Country waiting for news – will the Conservative Party go for new elections? – FinnishNews


Main actors:

Jussi Halla-aho was elected as Finn Party leader on Saturday. ¨He was convicted for on ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion 2012. He wants an exit from the euro zone as well as the European Union = FIXIT.

The Finns Party, formerly known as True Finns, is a populist and nationalist-oriented Finnish political party. person convicted for a racist crime (ethnic agitation) as its new leader.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä The Centre Party of Finland

Liberalism is found in most major parties including the Centre Party, which supports decentralisation, free will, free and fair trade, and small enterprise. The Centre Party characteristically supports decentralisation, particularly decreasing the central power, increasing the power of municipalities and populating the country evenly.

Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance the National Coalition Party,
which is a liberal and conservative political party in Finland. Its voters are predominantly urban.

Finnish grandma has a special hobby: She climbs trees to sing

Oili Forsman, 72, has tree climbing as a hobby. Everyone does not understand it.
Of course, It is not the most common hobby for women over 70. Anyway, It is not prohibited by law.
On 30 April, on the eve of May Day, Forsman climbed 20 meters (66 ft) her favorite tree to sing a homeland song with her beautiful, sophisticated soprano. When she climbed down, there was a woman waiting for her. She told that she had called the cops.

“The woman asked if I was drunk. I replied that I never drink”, Forsman says.

The police arrived with lights and sirens on to pick up the”hooligan”. They realized It was all about an overreaction and the cops soon left.

-” It irritated me. The woman could have come to me first to ask if there is anything to worry about” Forsman says. “I started climbing at the age of 11, when I was herding cows. There were breaks only when I was pregnant ” the mother of nine children told us.Muuramelaisen Oili Forsmanin, 72, harrastuksiin kuuluu puissa kiipeily. Kaikki eivät sitä ymmärrä.

See the video:

Source: Poliisit paikalle Muuramessa – mummo kiipesi 20-metrisen puun latvukseen laulamaan

Why just read western media interpretation of Assad’s words?

“Western and European embargo is complimentary with the destruction and attacks of the terrorists in pushing people to leave their country”

My  personal experience is a couple of Syrian refugees  I have met at work here in Sweden, claiming that there is a lot of lies in Western newspapers about the Syrian  government. That was one of those eye-opening experiences not to accept information as a fact only because it is widespread and repeated numerous times.

Syria is a sovereign country. It is merely the Syrian, not the European or American matter to choose the president.The Syrian people are to decide who goes and who stays.

Putin has stated that there needs to be a new global platform of international relationships built on respect for national sovereignty.   Russia and their allies are watching the conduct of ISIS and how they are supplied and financed. Russia, Iran, and the BRICS-aligned Nations ( = Brazil (?), Russia, India, China and South Africa) stand with Assad.  The consequence of  eliminating Assad is some kind of reaction of these countries.  That would  profit the arms industry even more than warmongering  and the story of  Russian aggression has done.


Assad has his wrong-doings.

But in western media we never read about the positive effects of Assad’s Presidency in Syria:


The Freedom of Religion

Syria has experienced a high degree of acceptance and camaraderie among a diverse number of religious communities. It has made Syria a safe place for Christians to live side-by-side with Sunnis and Shiites. At present there is no other safe place  for Christians in the Middle East.

Maintaining the independency of Syrian state and economy

Big western corporations  do not want nation states to exist because they protect their country from globalism.

“The more delay you have, the more harm and destruction and killing and blood you’ll have within Syria, that’s why we are very eager to achieve a solution, but how and in which way? You need to have two parallel ways: the first one is to fight the terrorists, and this is our duty as government, to defend the Syrians and use any means in order to destroy the terrorists who’ve been killing and destroying in Syria. The second one is to make dialogue. This dialogue has many different aspects; you have the political one, which is related to the future of Syria; what political system do you need, what kind? It doesn’t matter which one, it depends on the Syrians, and they’re going to have referendum about what they want. The second part is to try to bring many of those people who were affiliated to the terrorists or who committed any terrorist acts to go back to their normality and lay down their armaments and to live normal life in return for amnesty that has been offered by the government, and we’ve been going in that direction for three years, and it worked very well. It worked very well. So, actually, if you want to talk about the real political solution since the beginning of the crisis, of the war on Syria, till this moment, the only solution was those reconciliations between the government and the different militants in Syria, many of them joined the government now, and they are fighting with the government. Some of them laid down their.”

Bashar al-Assad interview (Phoenix Chinese Channel, 2017.03.11.)



Why Bashar al-Assad remains popular among the Syrian people