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The True Finns are out of the government and that means a new coalition or a new election in Finland.

A new election is perhaps what the Conservatives want because they have the pole position in the gallups.

But you never know what will happen if you trust the gallups these days… Ms. May, Ms. Clinton, Mr. Cameron, and a few others know only too well about trusting the polls.

Source: Country waiting for news – will the Conservative Party go for new elections? – FinnishNews


Main actors:

Jussi Halla-aho was elected as Finn Party leader on Saturday. ¨He was convicted for on ethnic agitation and breaching the sanctity of religion 2012. He wants an exit from the euro zone as well as the European Union = FIXIT.

The Finns Party, formerly known as True Finns, is a populist and nationalist-oriented Finnish political party. person convicted for a racist crime (ethnic agitation) as its new leader.


Prime Minister Juha Sipilä The Centre Party of Finland

Liberalism is found in most major parties including the Centre Party, which supports decentralisation, free will, free and fair trade, and small enterprise. The Centre Party characteristically supports decentralisation, particularly decreasing the central power, increasing the power of municipalities and populating the country evenly.

Petteri Orpo, Minister of Finance the National Coalition Party,
which is a liberal and conservative political party in Finland. Its voters are predominantly urban.

Finnish grandma has a special hobby: She climbs trees to sing

Oili Forsman, 72, has tree climbing as a hobby. Everyone does not understand it.
Of course, It is not the most common hobby for women over 70. Anyway, It is not prohibited by law.
On 30 April, on the eve of May Day, Forsman climbed 20 meters (66 ft) her favorite tree to sing a homeland song with her beautiful, sophisticated soprano. When she climbed down, there was a woman waiting for her. She told that she had called the cops.

“The woman asked if I was drunk. I replied that I never drink”, Forsman says.

The police arrived with lights and sirens on to pick up the”hooligan”. They realized It was all about an overreaction and the cops soon left.

-” It irritated me. The woman could have come to me first to ask if there is anything to worry about” Forsman says. “I started climbing at the age of 11, when I was herding cows. There were breaks only when I was pregnant ” the mother of nine children told us.Muuramelaisen Oili Forsmanin, 72, harrastuksiin kuuluu puissa kiipeily. Kaikki eivät sitä ymmärrä.

See the video:

Source: Poliisit paikalle Muuramessa – mummo kiipesi 20-metrisen puun latvukseen laulamaan

Why just read western media interpretation of Assad’s words?

“Western and European embargo is complimentary with the destruction and attacks of the terrorists in pushing people to leave their country”

My  personal experience is a couple of Syrian refugees  I have met at work here in Sweden, claiming that there is a lot of lies in Western newspapers about the Syrian  government. That was one of those eye-opening experiences not to accept information as a fact only because it is widespread and repeated numerous times.

Syria is a sovereign country. It is merely the Syrian, not the European or American matter to choose the president.The Syrian people are to decide who goes and who stays.

Putin has stated that there needs to be a new global platform of international relationships built on respect for national sovereignty.   Russia and their allies are watching the conduct of ISIS and how they are supplied and financed. Russia, Iran, and the BRICS-aligned Nations ( = Brazil (?), Russia, India, China and South Africa) stand with Assad.  The consequence of  eliminating Assad is some kind of reaction of these countries.  That would  profit the arms industry even more than warmongering  and the story of  Russian aggression has done.


Assad has his wrong-doings.

But in western media we never read about the positive effects of Assad’s Presidency in Syria:


The Freedom of Religion

Syria has experienced a high degree of acceptance and camaraderie among a diverse number of religious communities. It has made Syria a safe place for Christians to live side-by-side with Sunnis and Shiites. At present there is no other safe place  for Christians in the Middle East.

Maintaining the independency of Syrian state and economy

Big western corporations  do not want nation states to exist because they protect their country from globalism.

“The more delay you have, the more harm and destruction and killing and blood you’ll have within Syria, that’s why we are very eager to achieve a solution, but how and in which way? You need to have two parallel ways: the first one is to fight the terrorists, and this is our duty as government, to defend the Syrians and use any means in order to destroy the terrorists who’ve been killing and destroying in Syria. The second one is to make dialogue. This dialogue has many different aspects; you have the political one, which is related to the future of Syria; what political system do you need, what kind? It doesn’t matter which one, it depends on the Syrians, and they’re going to have referendum about what they want. The second part is to try to bring many of those people who were affiliated to the terrorists or who committed any terrorist acts to go back to their normality and lay down their armaments and to live normal life in return for amnesty that has been offered by the government, and we’ve been going in that direction for three years, and it worked very well. It worked very well. So, actually, if you want to talk about the real political solution since the beginning of the crisis, of the war on Syria, till this moment, the only solution was those reconciliations between the government and the different militants in Syria, many of them joined the government now, and they are fighting with the government. Some of them laid down their.”

Bashar al-Assad interview (Phoenix Chinese Channel, 2017.03.11.)


Why Bashar al-Assad remains popular among the Syrian people


Putin: US Foreign Policy and McCain – YouTube



… Even within the US itself there are transformations taking place. Most people in the United States no longer want to be the World Police Number One..


3.48  McCain:

… I would assume his hands are elbow deep in civilian blood.  As we know Mr McCain is a Vietnam veteran. They didn’t put him into the prison but into the hole in the ground. That is where he spent many years. That is where he left his mind.
Compare this to what Tim Black said a couple of days ago:


Tanzanian Farmers Face 12 Years In Prison For Selling Seeds As They’ve Done For Generations

from the why-not-adopt-big-ag’s-patented-approach-instead? dept

Seeds might not seem to have much to do with digital technology, but the DNA that lies at their heart is in fact digital information, and thus many of the issues that concern Techdirt also apply here. One of the key battlegrounds for seeds and their ownership is Africa, as we discussed back in 2013. The Belgian site Mondiaal Nieuws has an update on what’s happening in one of the poorest African countries, Tanzania.


This can be a reality in Europe, too. Remember the war on Plant Reproductive Material Law !

Even I was at risk of becoming a criminal dealer when sharing flower and vedgetable seeds with friends.

The European Commission may try again to ban all heirloom seed and criminalize the planting of seeds not registered with the government.

There is another article:

Svalbard Arctic Seed Vault: How the Elite Plan to Survive an Engineered Extinction Event

I don’t give much for the conspiracy  theory in this story. The most important part is this passage:

Endangered Seed

…Currently, there are at least 100,000 global plant varieties endangered in the world. Extreme weather events, over-exploitation of ecosystems, habitat loss, and the cross-pollination of seed by genetically altered, terminator seed, contribute to the problem….

…Many are concerned that the EU Commission will not enhance agriculture with the Plant Reproductive Material Law, but give more control to the handful of agriculture corporationswhich are already monopolizing the world’s seed. The draft text of the law reads such that the act of passing seed from one generation to the next would be a criminal act….


Source: Tanzanian Farmers Face 12 Years In Prison For Selling Seeds As They’ve Done For Generations

Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh tears up explaining Standing Rock’s importance

Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh, explains the dangers of oil pipelines everywhere, and why they are designed to fail: Oil companies profit from the insurance companies who pay them to clean up their own messes.

John Bolenbaugh is a former oil employee . During he last five years he has spent his savings and risked his life to tell us the truth about oil companies They are covering up oil spills instead of properly cleaning up the oil . The toxic chemicals remain in the environment for generations causing cancer, neurological symptoms and death.

John Bolenbaugh has 100+ videos on Youtube.  This is uploaded on 11 Aug 2011:

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